NEWERA – relacja uczestników

“The first benefit from participating in the project is the useful information about the rural areas in European Union, how to develop our own business and how become an entrepreur. The second which is the most important in my opinion is the interaction and discussions that took place between the participants from the 8 participating countries makes you get a real image about the level of collaboration between sectors, entrepreneurship and sustanaible development in your country if compared to the global one. Now i believe that my country is in a good level so this is a great benefit really. Third and the last that i get to know new people with different mentalities from different cultures that really affects my character and my way of thinking and maybe interaction in this age when am about to start my real career may change and promote my vision for my future…” Viki, Slovakia

“From the first day we were immediately engaged in the subject of entrepreneurship and youth participation in local areas. With humor and a fantastic group of open minded people we feel we together reached a better understanding of the importance of possibilities we have and active participation” Vukasin, Serbia



Projekt „New Entrepreneurs in Rural Areas” dofinansowany został ze środków Programu Erasmus+ w ramach umowy 2016-1-PL01-KA105-025366